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Urad Sabut

The unpolished dal, Urad Dal (Black gram)

is a rich source of Omega-3 (almost 10 times as compared to Moong or Arhar) for a healthy heart and Zinc, which promotes overall wellness.

Available in black, split and skinned white formats, it is a major ingredient in North and South Indian cuisine. When mixed with rice and fermented, it increases bio-availability of micro nutrients manifold. Urad dal helps boost the energy levels in the body and keeps you active.

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No polish means to get closest to real natural dal without being subjected to undesired polishing process and chemical adulterants into your diet. Pulses are very high in fibre. They contain both soluble and insoluble fibres. Soluble fibre helps lower blood cholesterol levels, while insoluble fibre helps with digestion as well as maintaining regular bowel movements. Polishing processes severely reduce the fibre content of your dal.

Unpolished dals are costlier since there is little room for the miller to mix or blend low grade grains. With limited shelf life (usually 8-10weeks compared to 12-16 weeks for polished dals), unpolished stock is also subject to faster spoilage.Polishing, though not recommended, is done primarily for second and third grade dal. Dubious quality oil, colour and marble powder are used to improve appearance and price of the product. Commonly leather belts are used for rubbing dal against the screen to give shine and uniform look.

Benefits of Poshik Unpolished Dal :

  1. We do not polished dal so it retains most of the original nutritive content and taste
  2. Poshtik™ dals are easy to cook and bring out the true aroma and flavor
  3. We procure only A-grade produce
  4. Our dals are sourced from various regional markets where they are grown, to reduce chance of adulteration across the value chain
  5. Dals are packaged in high quality food grade material to keep freshness intact                                     
  6. So now enjoy unpolished dals.
Please try the great taste of Urad dal.