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Fresh chakki atta : A journey

There are many of us who in our childhood have experienced a visit to a local chakki where our parents or grandparents would fuss over combinations & the kind of preferred grinds that they wanted. 

Over a period of time with rapid urbanisation, this concept has slowly been pushed out to downtrodden markets in old baazars as well as existing villages. Most urbanites do not have the will to make a trip to some shady shop with hygiene challenges and dubious raw grains. 

As we thought about it, my co-founder Munish had a personal experience with the above that convinced us that we needed to do something to alter this. His mother who lives in Punjab had come to visit him in Gurgaon and was aghast with the roti that was served at the table. She thought that there was no taste to it and while it was soft it had no real body to it. So, he tried all the packaged atta from the Aarshivaad Atta to Pilsbury Atta & others but while all were consistent, powdery and fine, they did not match up to the mother's criteria. 

Thereafter he was sent packing to discover a chakki in the neighbourhood. With great difficulty he located one in the crowded by lanes of Sadar and arrived at one after parking his car a fair distance away. While he wanted to turn away looking at the state of the hygiene and methodology at the chakki, he braved on to get his combination ground in front of him. His mother was finally at peace that her family was having the 'real' thing!

So our journey started. We had to bring the goodness of freshly ground flour to the people within their reach ie. in local markets and we had to wrap the concept in transparency, hygiene and the promise of purity. Our first outlet was born at he time when demonetisation was announced in India. We had glass jars displaying the choice of grains that one could use in the combinations. There was the humble chakki behind glass walls so that the customers could see what was happening to their selections. There were choices of jaun, jowar, ragi, chana, soya, oats, bajra, makka etc and seeds.......watermelon, musk melon, chia, flax, pumpkin, amranth, quinoa, sunflower etc. All were nicely arranged on display with little placards spelling out their benefits and uses. 

From day one, customers loved us. There was a latent demand for freshness that needed accessibility in nearby markets. Over a period of time customers trusted us enough to order over the phone and/or online. The website ( started ringing  in orders without any spends on digital marketing. Over they years we have refined our operations and quality if raw goods. We have expanded to cover the entire city of gurgaon and made sure we can deliver to the remotest part of it. 

Now it seems that the journey has barely begun. We need to extend this to hundreds of localities in the region and beyond. We are moving forward, as we are driven by our love of freshness and combinations that suit our taste. We want everybody to have access to it! 






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