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The Sago Pearl or Sabudana is made of Tapioca Root; the white colored, opaque seeds are formed by processing of Tapioca root. Tapioca roots are pulped and crushed through different machines, and a milky compound is extracted, this milky compound is then roasted or boiled to form globules. These globules range from 1mm to 7mm in diameter, but the commonly manufactured form varies from 1mm to 2mm in diameter.

The ready to cook Sago balls turn into translucent, spongy and soft form after cooking. Sago is known for its immaculate taste and nutritional benefits; its popular dishes include Sabudana Kheer & Sabudana Khichadi. Usually, Sabudana is considered an exquisite food for infants, old-aged people, and patients. The translucent spongy balls are magnificent in taste and easy to digest, with its known soothing and cooling qualities of the human body.