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We grind desi unpolished channa dal to make this highly nutritious and versatile besan. Rich in iron, regular consumption of besan helps increase overall body strength.

We grind both fine and coarse besan, so don’t forget to mention your preference.

One of the biigest problems facing us is the adulateration of so many of the products that we use on a daily basis. Take for example besan which is commonly used in most kitchens for a variety of prepartions. At Poshtik, we ensure that the finest chana is selected and is ground fresh without using any other cheaper ingredients to dilute the quality of the product. 

Hygiene is paramount and we ensure it at various steps in the process for fresh besan:
  • Selecting best quality grain
  • Sorting and cleaning of the grain before grinding
  • Grains are crushed using best available corundum ceramic emery stone
  • Slow grinding process ensures vitamins are not lost to heat
  • Trained experts handle the milling process
  • High grade packaging material to keep the freshness intactOf course, these benefits are most pronounced in the context of an overall healthy diet. No one food – even whole grains – will guarantee good health. It’s also important to remember that some whole grain foods are healthier than others. 

    We at Poshtik use the best grade of emery stone available in India, which is extremely hard, highly abrasion resistant (even more than steel) and extremely durable. Until today no forms of allergic reactions to grind-mill stone have been reported.

Therefore, the besan we present has the uniqueness of being fresh as well as being completely unadulterated. There is no compromise on the process of churning out simply the finest besan available in the market.

So go on, experience the Poshtik besan and enjoy the fulfilling and awesome taste that comes along.